Communications, Marketing & Business Development Clients

Leanda Guy's communications, marketing and business development clients in Jersey and beyond include

CSR Clients

Le Masurier

Property and philanthropy personified. Leanda developed Le Masurier’s CSR strategy: P3, People, Planet, Partner in support of Jersey Alzheimers, Macmillan Jersey, Stroke Association, Gain and St Clements Sports Club, to name a few. Leanda established the Le Masurier Blank Canvas Art Competition (Blank Canvas 2 coming soon), organised Le Masurier Recharger Day for dementia caregivers with Jersey Alzheimers, developed an awareness plan for Macmillan Jersey Oasis Centre with the Macmillan team and designed and launched the Le Masurier Social Impact Partner Programme to raise in excess of £100K to support identified projects.


Working closely with OAK’s Jersey Managing Director, Leanda facilitated OAK’s sponsorship of the Tennis Hub, Year 2 Island Tennis Programme. OAK also sponsored Leanda’s time to successfully onboard Launch Angels for the innovative 13th Parish Film Festival.

Roberts Garages

Leanda spearheaded the 60th anniversary brand campaign development and organisation of Roberts' Jersey Rally sponsorship implementation, taking rally drivers and cars, accompanied by PDJ’s Phil the Tank, to primary schools. She raised awareness of this fantastic community event celebrating Roberts' 60 years of driving Jersey forward, hosting the Robert’s PitStop welcome reception, handling media coverage and theming the Rally Dinner (website currently under construction - please visit JT Directory for more information.)

Business Development Clients


Leanda developed PDJ’s Phil the Tank character and 50th anniversary brand, ensuring that PDJ’s quality product and service is top of mind with customers in Jersey. ‘Don’t shiver, Phil will deliver!’ (website currently under construction - please visit JT Directory for more information.)

Jersey Reds

Leanda will assist the Jersey Reds with their epic sponsorship packages for small, medium, business clients and individuals. She cannot wait to get into the scrum with this work kicking off in May 2019.

Lyon & Turnbull

An International Valuation & Auction House facilitating bespoke events via unique relationships with Domaine des Vaux, Diva Opera and Art House, Leanda represented Lyon & Turnbull in planning and hosting private and charitable events in Jersey and London at a variety of venues such as Tramp.


Challenged with raising awareness of Infrasofttech’s bespoke regulatory compliant solution, Leanda developed the ‘Fatca Cracked/CRS unscrambled’ campaign, creating renewed interest in the company and whisking up significant sales and service agreements.


A launch partner for this pioneering team, Leanda provided local comms strategy and blanket PR coverage in the UK for this award-winning service, now rolled out Island-wide and being piloted in several UK regions.

Jersey Airport

Leanda assisted with the Jersey Airport's internal communications research project and designed the 70th anniversary brand. She was instrumental in organising PR strategy for the BMI relaunch of LHR route 2007.

Charity/Club Clients

Soroptimist International Jersey

Leanda assisted the inspiring Soroptimist International Jersey team with creating and implementing a compelling marketing communications plan. The inaugural Zumba Glo event was held in February 2019 with 150 (new to Soroptimists) zumberees attending. For International Women’s Day, Leanda helped local Soroptimists team up with a sponsor to create the ‘No More Taboo, Period’ campaign supporting The Red Box Project. All social media implemented by local students was mentored by Leanda. The implementation of this plan is helping Soroptimists share their message of Educate. Empower. Enable...women inspiring action, transforming lives.

13th Parish

Sponsored by client OAK, she helped to onboard Launch Angels for the 13th Parish inaugural Film Festival, successfully securing author Jack Higgins, The Jersey Art Society, Enriched Media Group and more soon!

Who Gives a Fork!

Leanda developed the brand, secured a sponsor and is now responsible for onboarding hospitality partners for this ingenious fundraiser to support the amazing work of Caring Cooks of Jersey.


Instrumental in reminding this amazing international conservation organisation that it is a global brand, not a local zoo. Zoos don’t save the planet!

Pro Bono Clients

Leanda is Lady Chair of Lady Taverners. Building on Tav’s experience of 30 years of fundraising, she utilised her network of contacts to form a new committee, raising £10.5K in 2017 for sports wheelchairs for the JSAD and £60K in 2018 for a state of the art mini bus for Mont A L’Abbe School.

In 2019, the Lady Taverners will continue to support the JSAD. Events will include Table Cricket as well as a relaunch of the Lord's Taverners, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2020. A cornucopia of additional fundraising activity will ensure that this region goes from strength to strength during Leanda’s tenure as Lady Chair:

For further information on joining Lord Taverners or Lady Taverners please contact

Losing her best friend at 42, Leanda is an official Coppa Feel Boob Champ. She was instrumental in bringing the charity to Jersey, ensuring that 5000 local students in 5 visits are breast cancer/body savvy whilst ensuring a succession plan for this amazing work to continue.


After 7 years as Foundation Director at JCG having re branded the College with authentic assets from its archive, with the team, Leanda grew income from £1K a year to £170K a year plus sourced many bursaries including one International University bursary and initiated the House bursary where students fund raise for a 6th Form bursary!

Women’s Refuge

Having been introduced to Women’s Refuge from my successful work with Soroptimist International Jersey I am thrilled to be helping the fantastic team at the Refuge develop a strategic Comms and Fund Raising Strategy. Watch this space!


I launched my EFT Tapping Therapy business in July but, looking back, my branding was not great! TSG Jersey
recommended Leanda Jane Guy to help. She took one look at my logo and said, "That logo's a bit scary. You need re-branding!". A short while later, with the assistance of Henry Barnes
, I had a beautiful new brand. The next step was me standing behind a stall at the Radisson Healthy Living Festival for 4 days. I thought this was totally out of my comfort zone, but I actually felt in my element & loved every minute. I met so many new & interesting people. I was engaging with people who had already used EFT to overcome health issues and also had the opportunity to inform & educate adults & children on the benefits of EFT. It was an amazing experience and I would not have done this without the push from Leanda.

Leanda - you are a force of nature. It's been a pleasure working with you and it's not over yet!

If you are looking to establish a new business, re-brand, or just promote your existing business, I strongly recommend you get in touch with Leanda. Her Pugilist logo & branding are a definite representation of what this lady can do. She most certainly packs a punch!!

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