Feedback from Satisfied Clients

Leanda adds value that would be difficult to replace.

Martin Reay, Head of Sales, Alltel Mortgage Solutions

Leanda’s creativity and initiative is second to none. Hiring Leanda is one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

Brian McCarthy, Managing Director, Le Masurier

If you want inspiration to bring your campaigns to life, Leanda is the obvious choice.

Sue Jones, Human Resources Director, Alltel Information Services

Leanda is a pro-active and enthusiastic individual, who will go above and beyond to ensure she makes a success of any task she undertakes.

Kris Hallenga, Founder and CEO CoppaFeel!

Leanda’s experience in senior management roles, interpersonal skills and ability to act as an ambassador will suit her for a position of importance and responsibility in an institution needing to raise its profile and profits.

Lee Durrell, Honorary Director, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

I really cannot believe we had a time without the Foundation, it is so fundamental to the work we do. Leanda should take much of the credit for the position we are now fortunate to find ourselves.

Carl Howarth, Principal, JCG

The day Leanda was headhunted from IBM was a sad day. She is still missed. Her enthusiasm, commitment and creativity combined with knowledge of the market are very hard to replace.

Denise Holland, Head of Marketing, IBM Finance Sector

Leanda’s creativity and professional enthusiasm set her apart from the many other marketing professionals I have worked with over 18 years.

Costa Christodoulou, Chief Exec, Europe, ACT Financial